Football has been proven to be a fantastic vehicle in enhancing the learning process academically. Football will be a fantastic tool to develop the student holistically. Scientific research shows clearly that sport has a very positive impact in child learning and development. Not only will the child be physically healthier but also mentally and socially. Research shows through frequently engaging in a team sport (in this case football), a child’s brain development is enhanced therefore having benefits on the child’s academic studies. Many studies focus on the positive effects of sport on the five “C’s” – competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring. The child’s experience will help teach them the discipline of training, the love for learning, leadership skills, improved communication, and give them a well balanced mentality towards winning and losing. Football is a fantastic accompaniment towards learning, and will help to keep the child focused on their studies.

As mentioned, our focus is on developing the “whole person” and the experiences a sport environment exposes a child to is a brilliant way to develop key qualities and values in a person. This experience will only help the student in their life and studies. The sport alone will not ensure these qualities are developed, but it is the environment that we create, coupled with the football that will allow the child to develop and flourish.

“Development is a race without a finish line”

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