To play or work in football is one of the most enjoyable times in a person’s life. It does not matter whether you are 9,19, 29 or 59, the magic is the same. Football is a simple game but when hungry players, gifted coaches and sensible parents are united together, they can move mountains.

Everyone in this Academy should be aware of the journey we wish to take the players on, the standards and values we represent, the responsibility that we all share to behave in a professional way that seeks improvement, excellence and success without sacrificing the values that we hold so dear.

We believe that each individual is unique, and should therefore be treated in a way that will allow their talent to blossom and flourish. We take great care in attending to the needs of each individual student and set out individual well-planned long-term goals and targets to help them learn, improve, and achieve.

The players will be given continuous help and support in football and social development. The way in which our coaches engage and teach stimulates the players and motivates them to achieve. Players will be continuously presented with opportunities to think for themselves. There is far a greater chance of succeeding when the player takes ownership, and it also encourages creativity, motivation and decision-making skills. We believe the combination of short and long-term goals will help our students succeed.

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This will be a totally new, exciting experience for the students. But we also recognise that it may also pose certain challenges. We will ensure that the students are given the required support to ease into their new role.

In their first few weeks, the students will be introduced to tactical, technical, psychological and social concepts that are required at elite football. This will provide them with the perfect foundation for their time with us. The players will compete in small-sided football, and continuous game play activity. Small-sided-games encourage more decisions to be made, developed awareness, and more touches of the ball. Many of the greatest football players grow up playing small-sided games such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

Through our monitoring of the students development we will continue to set appropriate challenge for the players. They will be introduced to new concepts through self-reflection and game analysis. The new experiences that they are exposed to will further help them to grow.

At this phase the players will have developed a strong understanding of the game as well as a better level of technique. In-keeping with our holistic student development model, we will begin to challenge the students more to ensure they continue to improve. Players will be given opportunities for trips abroad it is our hope that we can expose them to a different culture and type of football.

This will give the players a greater understanding of football around the world and will serve to improve their knowledge and skill.

From the start our focus is on preparing the players for when they leave our academy. We will continue to prepare the student for life once they leave our academy. We will discuss with the student, parents, and coaches what we think the most appropriate route for that student will be once they leave. We can then start to plan appropriately to ensure the student is well prepared for the next stage of his/her development upon leaving our academy.

Our aim is to provide the right amount of challenge to develop the students. It is our belief that people learn most when they are out of their comfort zones. We want our students to try new things, to be brave, to be imaginative and innovative both on and off the football pitch. This will be a key focus for us during sessions.

The players will compete in tournament football as we aim to develop their competitive mentality, whilst increasing the competitive spirit within session.By this point we believe the students will have developed an outstanding attitude towards their football, and ultimately this attitude should impact their approach to life outside of football.

We will ensure that the students leave having had a fantastic learning experience, and will have developed a deeper thirst for learning and improvement. The skills they have learnt throughout their time with us will ensure they are exceptional candidates for whatever path they wish to choose.

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