We have Facebook for ESPZEN Parents:, this site is built and designed to further enhance the knowledge of, and provide guidance to, ESPZEN Soccer School parents regarding parental athlete support/development.

There are lots of educational video links, infographics, questionnaires and articles - all designed to give parents a holistic understanding on the influential role they play in the development process.

As an educational institution we recognize that parents want to be part of their child's sporting journey and to support their child during this process - our new site will make available and accessible relevant resources to ensure parents can make this journey as rewarding as possible.

Providing access to such material to our parent community we hope to potentially enhance further all our young players level of enjoyment and participation in football.

Naomi Richards is The Kids Coach – a life coach for children. Her first book, The Parent’s Toolkit, shares key life tools for you to help your children successfully navigate their own childhood problems and grow up into happy, confident and resilient young adults. The Parent’s Toolkit was described by The Sun as “clear and to the point… a must-read for parents”. It is published by Vermillion and is available to buy on


Put your questions to The Kids Coach
If you are a parent or coach and would like Naomi’s advice on any issue that might affect a young footballer, then please write an email and it could well be addressed in future articles. Email or tweet @thekidscoach.

A player’s Message to Parents.

Thanks for coming to support me today.  As my friends and l play, l want you to remember a few things:

I hope to make you proud of me.

Please make me proud of you too.

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