Make Up Class Policy

Make up sessions are available for missed sessions. However, given the nature of football as a team sport and our training in small groups, un-notified absences from a particular training session will not only adversely affect coach's prepared training plans, the quality of training for the absentee's group mates attending this session and the composition of groups.

Therefore, please note that our provision of a make up session shall be conditional upon the following:

Please note that make up sessions cannot be carried forward to the next term, save in the event that training sessions have been missed due to a legitimate medical reason. In this regard, the ESPZEN Soccer School would require valid and applicable medical proof (doctor's note or medical certificate) to be furnished. We do however allow missed sessions to be used to offset from our Holiday Camp Programs

Make up sessions will be arranged upon prior request communicated to ESPZEN Soccer School either by

ESPZEN Soccer School shall reserve the right to turn away any player who turns up for a make up session without making prior arrangement with ESPZEN Soccer School. Please note that refunds cannot be given in place of make up sessions.


Early Bird Fee:- If the full number of sessions is paid for in advance. Early Bird Fee is only applicable if payment will be made before the dates mentioned in the above table. Students not signing for the full term will pay pro-rated fee of $38 per session. Students joining during a given term will pay pro-rated fees at SGD38 per session for all the remaining sessions.

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