Thanks for coming to support me today.  As my friends and l play, l want you to remember a few things:

  • I am here to have fun, please encourage me and all the other players no matter which team we play for.
  • You are representing me; please do not embarrass me by being negative, shouting or swearing.
  • Please do not stand too close to the pitch, this can distract me from my game and I can’t concentrate properly.
  • Please do not question the referee’s decision; our coaches will give us help if we need it.
  • Do not coach me from the side, my coach is here to teach me and too many instructions will confuse me.
  • I think doing my best and learning to play is more important than winning. Do not ask me the score; ask me if I had fun.
  • Praise me for good skills, sportsmanship, discipline and effort. These are the things that make me a real winner.
  • Do not criticise my mistakes as I will be scared to try things again. Mistakes will make me better as I can learn from them.
  • Please do challenge any spectators that behave the wrong way. Tell them that we don’t allow negative behaviour.
  • We have a responsibility to look after our pitch, please do not drop litter or smoke near the pitch. Take it home or put it in a bin.

I hope to make you proud of me.

Please make me proud of you too.

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