ESPZEN Soccer School is already a well-established provider of Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) in Singapore. We currently work closely with Canadian International School (Lakeside & Tanjong Katong Campus) , Eton House International School, Middleton International School (Bukit Timah & Tampines Campus) to provide soccer-specific ECA and/or team training.

During these sessions our international & local coaches focus on building physical skills, learning about good sportsmanship, understanding soccer rules, and developing social skills such as team work. This is contrast to driving and encouraging competitiveness amongst children which can negatively impact upon sportsmanship, enjoyment and social skills.

Our ECA Soccer Programs have been designed to incorporate an all-inclusive development of children who attend sessions. We wish to share our passion of soccer with children and thus use fun games as a means to engage children and keep them active.

Range of ESPZEN ECA Programs





Evidence shows that introducing elements of physical activity to children before school begins can engage their minds and prepare them for the day ahead. Children enter the school day alert and ready, having engaged their minds and body during soccer-related activities.

ESPZEN Soccer School provide energetic and enjoyable soccer activities for all children to engage with before they start school. From improvements in agility, balance and coordination, to effective communication, team work, tactics and strategies, as well as ball manipulation and technique development. Players will be given realistic challenges to achieve and can share this with parents and teachers at the beginning of each day.


A brilliant way to spend your lunch hour...

Lunch breaks are ideal opportunities for children to engage in physical activity, encouraging a balance of physical and mental challenges throughout the day, with the added incentive of releasing some energy.

High intensity, action-packed and stimulating; we usesoccer-related activities that improve coordination, agility and flexibility. Setting realistic challenges to achieve success, how to appropriate interact with other children, and to respect their surroundings. We are inclusive and offer sessions to any child regardless of age or ability.


Our after school sessions provide children with a great way to finish the school day. The sessions are fully inclusive and provide parents with a perfect solution to finding that extra hour in the day. Children simply stay at school while our professional and qualified coaches make sure they end the day with a healthy bout of soccer-related exercise and fun.

Children get active and have loads of fun with friends taking part in soccer sessions they love and also may not have tried before. All after school sessions cover the following topics across the term:

  • Ball familiarisation
  • Passing
  • Dribbling
  • Shooting
  • Turning
  • Conditioned small sided games (3v3 and 4v4)
  • Team play

The sessions generally consist of a fun activation practice; a topic related practice and concluded with a small sided game. Our coach to player ratio of no more than 1:12, which ensures that all players have the attention they need to improve their game.


Our team training offers the very best in coaching to your team or club no matter what ability. The sessions are both physically and mentally appropriate for each particular age group and use the latest training techniques to make all soccer sessions the most stimulating, challenging and rewarding for players of all ages and abilities.

Highly experienced and qualified coaches will use a plethora of equipment: soccer balls, bibs, markers and pop up goals, ideal for junior teams. We are able to deliver one off sessions, however, our coaching techniques focus on the long term development of players and therefore we would recommend sessions over a period of several weeks to notice the difference we can make.

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