Registration Fee and Schedule

A one time registration fee of SGD100 (before GST) is required upon joining ESPZEN Soccer School. This registration fee includes the ESPZEN Soccer School Training Kit (Jersey with name on the back, shorts and socks). ESPZEN Soccer School training kit is imported from Europe by ESPZEN and is manufactured by Joma (Spain)

Monday at Centaurs, Turf City     
Time Age
1705 to 1755 4.5 to 7 years old
1800 to 1850 6 to 11 years old
Tuesday at  Centaurs, Turf City    
Time Age
1715 to 1845 6 to 13 years old
Wednesday  at The Cage, Kallang
Time Age
1715 to 1845 6 to 11 years old 
Thursday  at Centaurs, Turf City   
Time Age
1715 to 1845 8 to 17 years old

Midweek Training Fees and Term Timetable

Unlike other soccer schools, ESPZEN Soccer School operates a strict 1:12 Coach Student Ratio and each coach responsible for the group of 12 children will have an AFC or UEFA soccer coaching license. This means you are purchasing a limited space on our soccer program, and ESPZEN Soccer School will never sell more than 12 spaces for a given session during term time. Once a class is full at a given time slot, we can no longer accept registrations - in return for this guarantee, all students must be signed up for all sessions of the term.

ESPZEN Soccer School operates on a first paid first served policy. Existing students will always have first right of refusal to continue their training progression into a new term, but after a pre-determined cut off date announced to all parents, new registrations / students will be accepted.


  From To No. of Sessions

Early Bird Fee

(Inclusive of GST)     

Avail of Early Bird Rate

If Paid Before

Regular Fee /

Pro Rated Fee

(Inclusive GST)         

Term 1    Tuesday 3/Jan/2023 Monday 03/Apr/2023           13 486.85* 10-Dec-22


Term 2 Tuesday 4/Apr/2023 Monday  03/Jul/2023           13 491.40 10-Mar-23


Term 3 Tuesday 4/Jul/2023 Monday 02/Oct/2023           13 491.40 10-Jun-23


Term 4 Tuesday 3/Oct/2023 Monday 18/Dec/2023           11 415.80 10-Sep-23


- *Rate includes 7% GST

- Effective 01 Jan 2023, rate includes 8% GST

Please note of the following

Early Bird Fee:- If the full number of sessions is paid for in advance. Early Bird Fee is only applicable if payment will be made before the dates mentioned in the above table. Students not signing for the full term will pay pro-rated fee of SGD38 per session.

Students joining during a given term will pay pro-rated fees at SGD38 per session for all the remaining sessions.

Sibling Discount

For parents who register 2 or more children, a 10% discount will apply to the 2nd child, and a 20% discount will apply to the 3rd child.

During Pay As You Play ESPZEN does not guarantee the 1:12 Coach Ratio


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