About ESPZEN's Goalkeeper training

Many outfield coaches don't have the expertise to help their goalkeepers develop. With this in mind we started goalkeeper only sessions which has seen our goalkeepers take their game to the next level. Under the guidance of our experienced goalkeeper coach our goalkeepers are now receiving specific goalkeeping sessions and individualised technical feedback which is enabling them to thrive in team training and games.

The goalkeeper only training has been so popular we've decided to open it to not only ESPZEN's shot stoppers, but goalkeepers from any club or school team in Singapore. The sessions are open to those who are new to the world of goalkeping and would like to try it out being a keeper for fun or experienced keepers who want the individual feedback to help take their game to the next level.

The sessions are catered to develop keepers' shot stopping qualities which will make them unbeatable during games. We are also wary of how the modern game is developing with keepers being just as good with their feet as outfield players. Our sessions cater for the modern keeper with exercises working on footwork, first touch and range of passing and quick throw to start counter attacks.

Sessions also aim to work on a keeper's character to ensure they're confident to come out and command their area. Character is also key to ensure keepers bounce back from mistakes which are inevitable from time to time. This is catered for during sessions to focus on the right things to ensure their performance continues to thrive after a mistake.

It's also important for modern keepers to know their role in the tactical side of the game. Knowing when to speed the game up to create counter attacking situations or knowing when to slow the game down to enable team mates to get into position is key for the modern goalkeeper. Knowing where their starting position should be to deal with crosses, sweep up long balls and to provide an option from behind to enable their team to keep possession. Keepers play such a big role during games and can make the difference with their game intelligence. We've studied the world's top keepers and our sessions will ensure keepers cover all the key aspects of what it takes to be a top modern goalkeeper.

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