We have four venues where we conduct our ESPZEN Soccer School sessions. On Saturdays and Sundays we are at Canadian International School, Lakeside. where we also conduct the school’s Extra-Curricular Activity during term time. For our sessions on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays we are based at the Centaurs Pitch, Turf City. We also have training on Wednesdays at HYFA Pitch, 8 Mattar Rd. For our venue at Yishun Junior College we train every Saturdays. For times and locations you can find more information at

Car parking is available at all facilities, as are toilets, and there is plenty of room for parents to come and view the sessions. Fluids are not readily available at the venues; we would recommend that you bring your own water bottle. If you should run out of fluids, ESPZEN offers refreshments for a price of $1 per item on request unless otherwise stated.

We welcome any budding player who is aged four years and above to ESPZEN Soccer School. Players are placed in groups according to their age group. Should there be a large group of players of a similar age, we will split the group according to their ability to ensure each player is appropriately challenged and motivated within sessions. We operate a strict ratio of 1 coach to no more than 12 players to ensure each player receives plenty of support and guidance.

Coaches will prepare and deliver sessions that are tailored to the age and ability of the players in their group.

We can offer you a sibling discount depending on how many children you enrol. For one full paying child, the second child will receive a 10% discount, while the third child will receive a 20% discount.

We do offer a free trial class to new participants. You can enrol for the session by contacting our admin team on

Please note we may not be able to offer you your first choice session so to avoid disappointment we advise you to book early.

This policy is designed for the specific reason that we work on a 1:12 coach to player ratio and therefore may already be at capacity.

We offer make up sessions throughout each term. This can be taken up on a different day to your normal session. To notify us of when you wish to take up your make up session please email; to avoid disappointment please book early.

All make up sessions must be approved and scheduled by the ESPZEN Soccer School office. We cannot offer make-ups in classes that are at our 1:12 coach to player capacity. Make-up sessions do not transfer between terms – except for exceptional circumstances – so be sure to contact our office ahead of time if you know you will be missing a class later in the term, as we can schedule make-up sessions in advance. For more information on our make up class, please click on the following link:Make up Policy

Our coach to player ratio is 1:12 with the aim of providing each player as much attention as possible during the 90 minute session. It will ensure players are given more practice time, more touches of the ball, more time to interact with team mates, and thus opportunity to improve as players and as people.

ESPZEN Soccer School is proud of the coaches it employs. Our coaches come from various backgrounds and have various experiences within football. Some have played the game at the highest level in Europe while others have studied the game from a relatively young age and coached for the majority of their lives. All coaches are Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the Football Association (England) or Union of European Football Association (UEFA), National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) qualified, which means they are legally and professionally accredited to coach in accordance with their respective football associations. It cannot be exaggerated how important these qualifications are for the safety, welfare and football development of young players.

Our coaches are very approachable individuals and enjoy getting to know players and parents alike. We would encourage you to approach any of our coaches to gain further insight into ESPZEN Soccer School and the Coaching Syllabus that is delivered.

During our sessions, any player aged 4-9 years will use regulated size 3 balls for practice and matches,players aged 10-13 will use size 4 footballs,while players aged 14+ will use size 5. This is line with the Football Association (England) recommendations for all of their Charter Standard and Professional clubs. Within Singapore we are unique in taking this approach among the soccer school community but practices are changing; ESPZEN Soccer School has successfully lobbied the Football Association of Singapore to use size 3 for the Under 8 age group (previously using size 4). In 2012 we were success after size 3 balls were purchased for all of the Singaporean junior Centre of Excellence teams.

Research has also shown the wrong size ball at any early age can also cause shin splints later in life. Thus, the importance of the size and weight of the ball is now becoming more prevalent; if the ball is too big and heavy the players cannot perform or learn techniques such as passing. Consequently if players find executing certain techniques challenging due to the ball this could reduce their enjoyment of the game as they become frustrated.

The structure of matches at the end of any session can be dependent on the number of players attending that particular session. If a coach is at capacity with 12 players there are various options. Two matches can be set up of 3v3 ensuring players are maximising their playing time. Alternatively we may condition matches such as creating 3 teams to play 4v4. A two minute match ensures that the intensity remains high whilst giving the remaining third team the chance to rest and take on fluids in preparation for returning to the pitch.

ESPZEN coaches will impact upon what players learn by either conditioning a match or by structuring the teams to ensure coaching points are highlighted. Structuring a team – or putting players into specific positions – allows for a realistic match to be played, players develop knowledge and understanding of various positions and therefore develop various techniques required for complete soccer players. Playing in various positions can often put a player out of their comfort zone and therefore they need to adapt quickly, fostering improved decision making skills, game sense 

At ESPZEN we believe that if we keep the ball the other team cannot score and by keeping the ball we can create, at an appropriate time, goal scoring opportunities. Possession or target games offer this opportunity to develop this belief. We use specialist equipment, such as our Kix Goals (four sided square cube goals), which allows coaches to work on this pass and move philosophy. Players of various ages will mature at various rates, both physically, mentally, socially and technically. This puts those players who have matured faster in a more advantageous position in matches. We encourage players to not shoot and score from distance just because they can. Instead we encourage possession of the ball to develop player’s short passing, dribbling and finishing skills.The long term benefits to players of implementing such a method are gradually becoming apparent internationally with the recent success of the Spanish national teams (senior and youth) in major competitions.

We wish to be explicit in saying we find competitive matches against other soccer schools or teams are great. It is important to the physical, mental, social and technical development of all players, fostering behaviours such as working hard, developing game understanding, working together with team mates, and enjoying the game of soccer.

Caution should always be taken in such competitive environments that players are not subjected to pressure from parents, coaches or team mates. Physique can often win matches when compared to technique at young ages. But as technique improves and physique begins to equal out, the importance of each area of soccer switches. One unfortunate example of this is while a team may be victorious in their match, many of the players have had very limited touches the ball.

At ESPZEN we are an advocate of an inclusive approach to development and playing the game, in addition to playing a particular style of soccer.

Parents play an active role in the upbringing of their child, and will certainly have a strong influence on the child’s soccer education, whether it is how the child approaches the game, reflects on performance or even interacts with other children.

ESPZEN Soccer School recognizes this, and aims to provide information and support to parents throughout their time with us. We have put together a dedicated page on our website aimed at offering parents advice and tips on a range of football related

Additionally, we do request that parents do not disrupt the flow of the session at any time, and do not undermine the coach in any way. The coach has been employed as the expert and we would recommend allowing them the opportunity to work with the players. We do encourage parents to communicate with coaches pre- and post-sessions.

Yes, we welcome any friends of ESPZEN to share the success and enjoyment experienced by players during their time with us. It contributes positively to their self-esteem, confidence and motivation during training, fixtures and tournaments. ESPZEN is fortunate to have many reliable, trusted and talented photographers who act on behalf of the Soccer School to take official photographs. But we would encourage anybody who does take photographs to share them with us on our Facebook site ( or to post them through to .

Yes we have a many fixtures organized throughout the year for all of our age groups. We organize our own ESPZEN Youth Tournament ( which takes place regularly during each term and draws many top quality soccer schools and academies to take part making each tournament a special event. Our Academy teams take part in various leagues held in Singapore such as FourFourTwo Jleague , while other friendly fixtures and external tournaments are organized on an ad hoc basis depending on player and venue availability.

Each year, ESPZEN enters different aged academy teams into international tournaments in the region, including, but not limited to,Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Sweden, Gothia Cup .

For full details please email or visit our Facebook page ( to view previous tournament photographs and updates.

ESPZEN Soccer School training sessions take place on high quality astro-turf pitches; this means that a session cancelled due to rain is extremely rare. We encourage everyone to attend training sessions regardless of the weather. Singapore weather is very temperamental and whilst it could be raining at the beginning of a training session, it is possible that the rain could stop minutes later.

In case of lightening during the session, ESPZEN lead coaches will pause the training until the lightening has ceased or passed away at a safe distance, and then training will resume. The safety of our players is of up most importance.

All players are expected to wear shin pads, or shin guards, to protect against injury while wearing appropriate astro-turf footwear (we allow blades but no metal studs). Both items can be purchased from any good sports store within Singapore. ESPZEN Soccer School also has shin pads available for purchase at the pitch in case your young players forget their shinpads or needs a new pair.

A one time registration fee is included as part of signing up to ESPZEN Soccer School, this fee enables players to be issued an ESPZEN Soccer School training kit with their name printed on the back of the jersey. Our kit is supplied by professional Spanish supplier Joma who also supply kit to various football clubs across the world such as Valencia and Fiorentina. Click the link to view our Uniform. If you wish to purchase extra shorts and socks please notify ESPZEN admin at your particular venue for further information and cost.

Yes we do. During school holiday periods we offer soccer-specific camps. For our upcoming camps please find details on our Camps webpage ( Our camps are very popular and we recommend all parents to register their children early to one of our courses.

Yes we do, and our parties are recent addition to ESPZEN Soccer School, whether your child is looking for a “tournament party”, “training party” or a soccer “games” party, ESPZEN Soccer School can deliver. For more information please visit our

Visit our Facebook page to view our photo gallery

ESPZEN Soccer School has many channels of payments available including pitch side payment via NETS or payment via PAYPAL from the comfort of your home. To view the full range of payment options please click on the

Please inform our staff at the earliest opportunity if your child will not attend training due to sickness. We request that you send a copy of the Medical Certificate through to our staff for our records. In this case, we will be able to advise you on how this class can be made up:
If you confirm to play in one of our fixtures but do not attend on the day you will still be invoiced for the match. There are always limited spaces available for players to take part in fixtures, with more players wishing to take part than there are spaces. Therefore, anyone who drops out without notifying our staff five days in advance will be charged for the fixture.

Do you have any question we have not answered? Please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 8363 3154 or

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