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ESPZENs Soccer School has developed our soccer camps for all ages, skill levels and experiences playing soccer. Our coaches have been handpicked for their experience, knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and will encourage children of all abilities to believe in themselves, share their experiences with their new made friends, and have lots of fun. All coaches are AFC qualified and ESPZEN operates a strict 1:12 coach to student ratio guaranteeing your child will receive quality coach interaction and will not be "lost in the crowd".

All our soccer camps are conditioned to the developmental age of the participant. Programmes will be challenging but achievable, guaranteeing that each child leaves our camp with a raised self esteem and most importantly having experienced fun and enjoyment.



ESPZEN Soccer School is hosting Camps at

Turf City: Venue is confirmed a week before the camp.

Camps will take place weekly, please check the available camp dates below

Dates, Timing and Fees-


School Half Term Camp From To Venue
Week 1 | Attack like Premier League Stars 21-Mar-22 25-Mar-22 Turf City
Week 2 | Strikers Master Class 28-Mar-22 1-Apr-22 Turf City


Summer Holiday Camp From To Venue
Week 1 | Strikers Master Class 20-Jun-22 24-Jun-22 Turf City
Week 2 | Play like Brazil 27-Jun-22 1-July-22 Turf City
Week 3 | All Star Soccer 4-Jul-22 8-Jul-22 Turf City
Week 4 | Small Sided Games Fiesta 11-Jul-22 15-Jul-22 Turf City
Week 5 | Attack like Premier League Stars 18-Jul-22 22-Jul-22 Turf City
Week 6 | Soccer Wars - The Ultimate Battle 25-Jul-22 29-Jul-22 Turf City
Week 7 | Play like Brazil 1-Aug-22 5-Aug-22 Turf City


School Half Term Camp From To Venue
Week 1 | All Star Soccer 10-Oct-22 14-Oct-22 Turf City
Week 2 | Play like Brazil 17-Oct-22 21-Oct-22 Turf City


Christmas Holiday Camp From To Venue
Week 1 | Small Sided Games Fiesta 12-Dec-22 16-Dec-22 Turf City
Week 2 | Attack like Premier League Stars 19-Dec-22 23-Dec-22 Turf City


  0900 to 1200
0900 to 1100
1000 to 1200
(Full day session
COST per Session
(minimum of 2 days)
COST for 5 days Session
   Option 1 Available     3 66 325
   Option 2   Available   2 44 220
   Option 3     Available 2 44 220

*Please note during Phase 3, we will only be offering 2 hrs session (9am to 11am) due to limited no. of players allowed per group.

Attend 10 days - 1 day in a new camp is free

Attend 15 days - 3 days in a new camp is free

Attend 16 days or more - receive 1 week free camp (If Applicable)

Free days or camps must be taken within Holiday Camp 2022, no cash reimbursement. Calculation of free camp is per child and must be taken by the same child.



Camp Themes Description
Strikers Master Class For players of all ability levels, ages, and gender. The strikers master class camp will improve various shooting techniques and an improved understanding of how and when best to execute these. Shooting specific techniques include: chipped, side foot, laces, power, lob, angled and long distance shooting. Players will get plenty of chances to perfect these techniques during the sessions and will be challenged to practice the techniques with both feet. Complementing the technical sessions, players will also learnt the "art of combination play", carefully selected exercises will ensure all players develop their game craft with particular focus on pass and move.
Play like Brazil

The most successful national team of all time, Brazil have won five FIFA World Cup's (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002) since the Seleção was first created back in 1911. Brazilian passion for Jogo Bonito (soccer) is unrivalled and their players can be found playing in professional leagues all around the world.

Known for their flair, creativity and passion, ESPZEN Soccer School is providing the chance for all students to train like the current group of Brazilian soccer stars: Neymar, Oscar, Kaka, David Luiz and Taigo Silva. This is a brand new and exciting way to learn to play the Brazilian way. Each day the young players will develop various areas of soccer which are quintessentially Brazilian: improving first touch, maintaining possession of the ball, switching play into space, counter attacking at speed, dynamic finishing, and breaking the sternest of defensive lines with a killer pass.  The training camp experience will be exciting, challenging and most of all fun. Delivered by ESPZEN's internationally qualified coaches. Students will be placed into groups of no more than 12 students per coach, based on age/ability. 

All Star Soccer All Star Soccer Camp - is the brand new and exciting way to learn tricks and turns like soccer greats Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, Suarez, Lahm, Ibrahimovic, Ribery and many more. Players will work with professional and highly skilled coaches to learn the various individual techniques involved to execute the perfect skill. Each player will be challenged physically through their agility, balance and coordination; their mental prowess of concentrating on task, solving problems and building self-confidence through success. They will also be able to interact with team mates when it comes to peer-learning and feedback, tactical understand of when and where to use the different skills in a match. Not to mention the technique itself of performing a trick or turn as seen on TV.
Small Sided Games Fiesta The Small Sided Games Soccer Fiesta Camp is customised to all ages and abilities. The game of football is getting faster and more physical all the time. Players have less time on the ball and less time to make the right decisions. So the need to develop players that think fast and play even faster is greater than ever. And the best way to do this is with small sided games.  Small-sided games are what elite coaches use for the majority of their training sessions to get these improvements. This is because small-sided games create game like pressure, maximize touches and accelerate improvements as a result. The focus of oru camp sessions will be to teach soccer through small-sided games. Games, games, games and more games will be the recurring theme throughout the camp. All players will be grouped into age appropriate and skill appropriate small-sided teams for a focused fiesta of conditioned soccer games.  ‘In-The-Game’ coaching by the ESPZEN Soccer School coaches will provide every player with match-specific advice in a continuous game play environment.  Games will be a combination of 3, 4, or 5 a side, each game designed to ensure the young footballer is always in the game, and has plenty of touches. Giving each individual the opportunity to develop key techniques while developing team work and problem solving skills. ESPZEN Soccer School recognizes that it is also important for students to develop holistically during these games. This is why games each day will be conditioned to work on particular parts of soccer essential for performance improvement and success. ESPZEN's highly trained staff will ensure each player has the opportunity to improve by playing these conditioned games so that they develop their knowledge, game craft and understanding.
Attack Like Premier League Stars The ESPZEN Attacking Master Class Camp is a carefully planned curriculum focusing on the key elements a player needs to be a skilled attacker in the modern game. The  Camp is open to boys and girls and is designed by our Program Manager, James Gow (former Liverpool FC Academy Coach and 1st Team Performance Analyst). Each day students will develop various skills which will improve their attacking abilities. Using Premier League Stars as role models, the topics involved include the Philippe Countinho 1v1 domination, Sergio Aguero shooting, David Silva attacking passes, and Wayne Rooney attacking movement, amongst many others. Each session will present players with opportunities to express themselves and think creatively, whilst honing in on the key skills highlighted. The camp experience will be exciting, challenging and most of all fun.
Soccer Wars - the ultimate battle This Camp is designed to bring the "flair" out of all players, and improve confidence on the ball. Including the 1 v 1 "The Ultimate Challenge":  Learn to be a deadly dribbler with a training program developed to teach Singapore’s next Ronaldo all the tricks, flicks and skills required to succeed in any 1 v 1 situation.  Players will learn a vast ESPZEN Soccer School curriculum of 1 v 1 moves that will be broken down and practiced in a relentless competitive playing environment. Complemented by "Ultimate Touches" sessions which are full of activities that will see each player master the ball in the pursuit of perfection.  Ultimate Touches - building Ultimate Players. Finally "Dominate the Overload"  2v1, 3v2, 3v1 challenging small sided games with "guided discovery" ensuring players have the opportunity to develop their game craft to conquer overload situations. One of our most popular camps.

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