About ESPZEN’s Women’s Football Training

The popularity of small-sided football has increased over the years for women, mostly because of the following reasons

At ESPZEN Women’s Football Training, an International AFC and UEFA licensed coach  will guide all players through a series of soccer exercises which will introduce you to the exhilarating sport and allow progression.

The Training Schedule

Training sessions occur every Monday evening. We have created 2 training schedules that you can choose from:
Session 1 - 19:00 to 20:00
Session 2 - 20:00 to 21:00
However, if Mondays don’t work for you and your group, just let us know and we will advise you if another day of the week or timeslot is possible.

Game Play

In addition to weekly training, regular small-sided friendly matches will be scheduled to provide an enjoyably competitive environment to test the skills developed through training sessions. For more competitive players and teams ESPZEN have a regular futsal league that would welcome your participation.

The Venue

The Women’s Football Training is held at the Off-Side Futsal Park (Whitley Road). Situated just underneath the Thomson Flyer; Off-Side has four pitches, each laid with the artificial turf recommended by FIFA. Off-Side is a covered facility with the sheltered pitches enclosed within safety nettings for maximum ventilation and security. There are also suitable showers and changing facilities at the Off-Side Futsal Park.

Find out how to reach Offside here

Designed to provide a memorable experience for the football enthusiasts, the Off-Side Futsal Park shares the street quality of the sport in its unique, urban surroundings combined with the most modern and contemporary playing environment available in Singapore.

Early Bird Fee:- If the full number of sessions is paid for in advance.
Students joining during a given term will pay pro-rated fees at 
SGD25* per session for all the remaining sessions.

* Rate excludes 7% GST

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For more information on Women’s Football Training and Women’s Futsal League,
call us during office hours on 6325 9386 or outside office hours on 8363 3154 or
email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Our training is open to male and females aged 18 to 75 years old of all abilities.

Most certainly, our games and exercises are designed to allow players to train at their own pace, we group players together based on age / ability in order to ensure the exercises are pitched at the right intensity for each group. If you are still uncertain, we offer a free trial so come and see for yourself.

Yes indeed, firstly you will have the chance to meet many other footballers, many of who are already playing for amateur teams in ESPZEN Football / Futsal Leagues and secondly our training will allow you to improve your physical fitness and technical ability.

You may still purchase the training package, but ideally we would like you to use the 10 sessions over a period of no more than 18 weeks.

Absolutely, we are not training to build teams to enter tournaments, we are training individuals to become better soccer players and to enjoy playing the game in our fantastic location. Hence missing sessions is not a problem at all.

As the field is astro turf, we recommend you wear futsal shoes (astro turf trainers) or Boots (blades). We always recommend players wear shin pads for training.

Currently we don’t have an adult training kit, so players are free to express themselves and wear the colour of the favourite team or brand. We do of course provide bibs at all our sessions.

We recommend you arrive at 2040 to 2050 to allow time to get chance and to execute your own warm up / stretching. At 2100 we will commence the training.

We recommend all players to bring their own water bottle or fluids. There is a Giant Supermarket 1 minute walk from the pitch in case you wish to purchase some fluids at the pitch itself.

Yes indeed. All players of ages, backgrounds and abilities will learn from our sessions. Furthermore we will match groups of players of similar abilities / age at the pitch when breaking out into the small sided games.

No – we cannot offer value for money training, with no sign on fee, and provide medical insurance. All players should ensure they have adequate insurance for their own personal needs

Certainly, feel free to browse our facebook site and the various albums inside.

Great question, we have many channels to receive payment, please visit the link below for more information

Yes, no problem, please let us know in advance however.

Contact ESPZEN now

Should you be interested to participate with the ESPZEN Soccer School Adult Training we would like to invite you for a complimentary free trial so as you can experience how our training works.

Please do advise us the date you prefer so we can be sure to accommodate you.

Please register yourself and team mates to attend the free trial by emailing Pre-registration is COMPULSORY.

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